Monthly Archives: February 2014

Dogs and Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD

By Nomi Berger As the days grow darker and shorter, and the thermometer plummets, so does the mood of millions of people living in the Northern Hemisphere. But humans are not the only ones affected by what scientists refer to as Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD. Our dogs –

February is spay/neuter month: Do your part

By Nomi Berger The problem of pet overpopulation is a global one and requires a solution on a global scale. But like every journey that begins with a single step, this particular journey must begin with every pet owner. Those who do their part and act responsibly by spaying

The Many Whys of Rescue

By Nomi Berger Why adopt a rescue pup or dog? Why not buy one from an ad on the internet or from a pet store? Why not buy one from a breeder? There are many reasons -- all of them humane. The growth of the internet has spurred the