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Kitsune and Inari

Not every dog that comes into care with SCARS is a stray or from a rural pound. Occasionally we are asked to help in different, and sometimes difficult, situations. Kitsune and Inari were in their home and witnessed tragic events that culminated with the murder of their owner. It

Kitsune and Inari 2016-04-30T13:33:16-06:00

Helping Dogs with Behavioural Challenges

Because of our expertise and experience, SCARS often gets asked to help with rescue situations where animals require specialized rehabilitation. The beginning of that rehab typically requires giving them time, privacy and calm. This time is essential for their well-being and, in some cases, it’s also required as a

Helping Dogs with Behavioural Challenges 2016-04-30T10:52:48-06:00


Hi SCARS, my name is Ghost. My mom and her pack adopted me last July. I was a cute, white 20 pound puppy. I fit in well with my new family despite being smaller. I gained an average of four pounds per week until I was six months old.

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Hey SCARS! I just wanted to give you an update on Kodiak! We adopted him early December 2015. He is the most wonderful addition to our family. He loves to run around and play with the sprinkler. He also plays tug of war and occasionally teases us and runs

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Abby (formerly Daisy)

Hi SCARS, I am very pleased to give you an update of my mastiff cross rescue that has enriched our family for approximately 2.5 years now. When our senior dog passed away of cancer, we felt that our remaining dog Emma, aged 9 at the time (black one in

Abby (formerly Daisy) 2016-04-24T16:54:04-06:00

Carrot (formerly Carob)

Hello SCARS! Well we’ve had Carob (renamed Carrot by my nephew) for about 3 weeks now. Thanks to her SCARS foster home she was already used to a daily routine which helped her in adjusting to her new schedule at our home. As soon as she got in our

Carrot (formerly Carob) 2016-04-24T16:43:36-06:00

Mickey (formerly McCoy)

Hi SCARS, Mickey (aka McCoy) just had his first birthday on March 23rd and he’s doing great. He is just the sweetest dog and we’re so happy that he “picked” us when we went to see the litter. Although we had intentions of selecting one of the black female

Mickey (formerly McCoy) 2016-04-22T08:20:18-06:00


Hi SCARS. Ricky is doing so wonderfully! He has really settled in well in his new home. He has already brought so much joy and happiness into our lives, he truly has completed our little family! We have seen such a change in his personality since we first brought him home

Ricky 2016-04-22T07:08:25-06:00

Kismet (formerly Shayde)

April 21/16 – After Kismet and J.D. made their first video together after she was adopted in August of 2015, the two of them spent much of the winter in the mountains. She quickly became a skilled climber, and also accompanied J.D. on many of his triathlon training runs where she

Kismet (formerly Shayde) 2016-04-21T07:55:30-06:00

Tigger (formerly Hopper)

Hi SCARS! I just wanted to give you an update on Tigger (previously Hopper when he was in your care). He is doing great! He plays with our other cat. They have lots of fun and we are lucky to have him. Such a sweet cat. He is just

Tigger (formerly Hopper) 2016-04-20T18:27:21-06:00