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Oreo, Phantom and Patches

Introducing Oreo, Phantom and Patches! From orphans to budding young models, my sisters and I were discovered living underneath a shed with our mother nowhere to be found. It was very scary for us to be all alone. Luckily we were taken in by SCARS and given our second

Oreo, Phantom and Patches 2017-03-20T16:11:13-06:00

630 Ched’s story

August 31, 2016 – News flash! SCARS saves another dog from a life of pain! Volunteer organization gives a deserving survivor his second chance. Hey, they are talking about me… newly arrived rescue Ched. I was found by a community volunteer last week. It was easy to see that

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SCARS Needs Cat Adoptions

Terra MacLean and Mark O’Reilly appeared on Edmonton’s Global TV News on August 27 (Click here to watch). They talked about Alberta’s cat overpopulation problem and to introduce two currently adoptable cats—Kevin the Champ and Alanis Purissettte. Did you know that Edmonton alone is estimated to have 70,000 feral/stray

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Helly (formerly Remy)

Hello SCARS! This is Helly (Helly Hansen), formerly Remy. It has been exactly a year since we adopted Helly into our home – August 18th. She’s gone from a super cute little puppy to a larger than expected 70+ lb pretty dog. A big reason for adopting a puppy

Helly (formerly Remy) 2016-08-20T17:40:00-06:00

Pumpkin, Minnie and Buster

Hi SCARS! I can’t believe I have 3 updates for you guys! Pumpkin & Minnie: We adopted Pumpkin in November 2014. We sent in our adoption papers on Halloween, and my daughter wanted to name our new kitten “Pumpkin.” When we found a kitten on the website with that

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Luna (formerly Angel)

Dear friends at SCARS, in particular Sue Turvey. Our Luna, who was originally named Angel by Sue because of her sweet nature, has been with us since early 2011. True to her name, she truly is an angel. In great health now, she charges around the off leash dog park

Luna (formerly Angel) 2016-08-20T17:17:50-06:00

Pippin (formerly Bobbi)

Hi SCARS! August 12, 2016 was Pippin’s (formerly Bobbi) first birthday! Mostly, all I want to say is… Thank you Thank you Thank you for rescuing such an awesome dog! There must have been some divine intervention that brought Pip and us together, but mostly we thank Julie, her

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Hi SCARS. My boyfriend adopted Ranger on August 22, 2015. We thought we would send you an update on how he is doing! Ranger is the absolute funniest dog we’ve ever met. He has more personality then most people we know, and he is the light of our life.

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