Monthly Archives: December 2016

Cashmere and Sugar Plum

These two pups represent a sad, but very typical winter rescue scenario. They were cold, hungry, alone and frightened when they were found in a rural community and transferred to our care. but it didn’t take long for them to feel safe and happy again. One of our greatest

Laila (formerly Laika)

Hello SCARS! We just wanted to pass on a “Happy Holidays” from Laila (formerly Laika). Our little tripod is an absolute champ! It took her some time to learn how to keep up with our resident female, Ellie (also from SCARS), and she did have a small infection develop


December 2016  –  I would like to share my SCARS story. A couple of years ago on Family Day my best fur buddy became very sick with necrotizing pancreatitis. After a week of critical care and no response to treatment, I had to make a very painful decision to

Luna (formerly Hunter)

Hi SCARS. I thought I would send a picture of Luna (formerly Hunter). We have had Luna in our home for just over a month. She is an amazing little girl. We are so in love with her. What a social butterfly she is turning into. She absolutely loves

Angel’s owner abandoned her

April 2017 – Angel came into our care last December. She was an abandoned dog with an inoperable fracture to her T3 vertebra. It has been a slow, uphill battle but her unbreakable spirit along with the loving care of her vet team and foster home has resulted in

Charlie (formerly Crystal)

Hello SCARS! We adopted Charlie (formerly Crystal) about a year ago right before Christmas. And let me tell you, we are so very happy that we did. This sweet girl has been nothing but loving and social since the very first day we went to meet her. She loves

Si has liver shunts

Dec. 17/16 – I’m just a young guy about one and a half years old. I’m missing an eye that had been removed before I came to SCARS. Since I can’t tell them the story, what happened there remains a secret. When my rescuer picked me up she thought I had