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Hi SCARS. I thought I should give you guys an update! I adopted my sweet Molly from you guys in 2014. She is an Italian Greyhound crossed with a Chihuahua. She is the absolute sweetest, lovable, goofy patient dog I have ever had. She is a huge part of

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Hi SCARS! Hope all is well with you. We adopted a beautiful girl from you on December 15 of 2017 and I just wanted to share an update. We fell in love with her upon our meet and greet and were extremely excited to bring her home. She is

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Floyd has a hole in his heart

My name is Floyd. I’m a 4-month old, sweet, lovable boy. I was found as a stray by a kind lady in a rural community. She called SCARS and asked for their help to find me a new home. When SCARS took me for my health check, they found

Floyd has a hole in his heart 2018-02-19T13:14:52-07:00

Dexter and Chloe

Hi SCARS. My husband and I adopted from you twice. Our babies are doing wonderfully and we are so thankful for the work you do. We adopted Dexter in 2009 and Chloe in 2010 and I have been visiting your page ever since. I love seeing the animals get

Dexter and Chloe 2018-02-16T19:09:59-07:00

Zoya (formerly Sophia)

Hi SCARS! We wanted to share an update on our beloved SCARS adoptee Zoya (formerly Sophia). We adopted Zoya about eight years ago. When I went on the SCARS website to see adoptable female dogs I came across Sophia, who recently came into care with her brother. She was

Zoya (formerly Sophia) 2018-02-11T08:57:20-07:00

Phoenix had Canine Parvovirus

Parvo, what a horrible, awful, maddening disease. Speaking for myself, I wouldn't wish Parvo on my worst enemy - not even a dog who stole my food or my most favourite treat. Phoenix here and I am the lone survivor from my litter. Metaphorically I have survived the fire

Phoenix had Canine Parvovirus 2018-02-10T18:29:56-07:00