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Status: Available for adoption
Animal Type(s): Dogs, Medium Dogs
Gender: Male
Breed: Mixed
Spayed / Neutered: Yes
Energy level: Medium – High
House trained: Yes
Good with kids: Older children only
Good with dogs: Yes – but due to injury can only be around gentle dogs, no dog parks, daycares

Update! Hey guys I am now 6 months old, can you believe it. And weigh in at a whopping 35 pounds. I am still looking for my forever family. One with a nice roomy backyard so I can stretch my legs, go for walks, play a game of fetch. I do have some special requirements that you can read about below but I am certainly one great looking pup who will make a fantastic addition to the right home. Apply today!


Hi !  I’m Alfred.  I came into SCARS’ care on August 10, 2017 when I was a wee pup all of maybe 8 weeks old.  A bigger dog had grabbed me by my head and gave me the shaking of my life.  It was touch and go if I would survive.  But I did.  Unfortunately, that shaking also left me with 2 fractured vertebrae in my neck, and those fractures also became infected causing me an awful lot of pain.  So my foster mom has had to try and keep my activity level pretty low, and I just finished a 7 week course of antibiotics to get rid of the infection in my neck fractures.  So fast forward 10 weeks and I am now 4 months old and I’ve more than doubled in size – yup, I’m over 25 lbs and my ears stand straight up too!  I had re-check xrays a few weeks ago and my fractures didn’t look any different, so my doctor was concerned.  Today (October 19/17) I had another CT Scan (foster mom said they are very expensive) to see if my fractures have healed and to see if the infection is gone.  It was good news and bad news.  Good news, the c4 fracture has healed, bad news, the c2 has not, and basically the c1 & c2 vertebrae have fused together and will never heal like they should.  I am not in pain, but this will affect my future.  The biggest concern is if this fusion starts to put pressure on my spinal cord as I continue to grow, it could cause problems, but there is no way of knowing if this will happen – it’s a wait and see thing.  And while I am a very typical 4 month old puppy and I love to play and go for walks and meet new people and dogs, there are a few things potential adopters need to know.  I will ALWAYS need to be walked with a good supporting harness, one that will not put stress on my neck.  I will not be able to do activities that could put stress on my neck, such as playing tug, playing any kind of impact sports such as agility or frisbee or mountain climbing (that’s for goats anyways).  I will not be able to go to off leash parks or doggy daycare as other dogs jumping on me could injure my neck.  That being said, I would thrive in a home where I got to lay on the couch and watch late night movies with you, maybe have another canine companion that doesn’t play rough and will put up with my current puppy antics, I love going for long walks and playing in the leaves.  Small children in the house that could fall on me or be too rough with me would not be good, but older kids who would know how to be gentle with me would be alright.  I’m still at that chewing/nibbly stage of puppyhood, but if you have patience I will outgrow that, I just get so excited to see people I love right now.  And of course, I HAVE to be an indoor family dog.


You can read my rescue story at https://scarscare.ca/alfred-injured-attack/


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Please note: If other cats/dogs in your home are not spayed/neutered, we will deny your application. SCARS exists due to lack of spaying/neutering and it is our goal to end this cycle. If there is a documented medical reason for your animal to not be spayed/neutered, we will work with you.