Status: Adopted
Animal Type(s): Dogs, Medium Dogs (< 50 lbs / 23 kg)
Gender: Female
Approx. date of birth: 2011
Breed: Mixed
Current location: near Morinville
Spayed / Neutered: Yes
Energy level: Medium – High
House trained: Yes
Good with kids: Unknown
Good with dogs: Yes – yes, but will need to be introduced slowly and with patience.
Good with cats: Yes
I’ve been in my foster home for a while now so we though I should give you an update now that I’m comfy in a home. So, my big secret of lying about my age on my drivers licence came out when I had my vet visit for my spay – the nice people who saved me from my first home and the first quick vet visit I had (I was too skinny to even be vaccinated) thought I was between 2 and 5, well, as much as a lady likes to be told she seems younger than she is, I’m actually around 8 years old, BUT, don’t let that fool you, I Might be a senior but I have all the energy of a sprightly puppy
, I live to play play play all the time! I’m VERY agile too, I regularly jump over the 6 foot fence in the dog run at my foster home. I don’t run away though, I’m a very loyal girl, I just have a bit of fun- I run around the house and then usually jump back into the run, or I sits by one of the doors to come into the house. I’d knock it out of the park in an agility class!
I DO love to cuddle, I’m pretty small (20” at the shoulder, 37 lbs) so I think I fit nicely on a person’s lap, or on the back of the couch or on the arm rest beside you. That sounds like a cat you say? Ya well, I do have some cat-like tendencies. I can climb shelves, I jump on counters, especially if there’s anything food related.
My foster home is trying to teach me “four on the floor”, but you see, my first home had ALOT of dogs in it and we all had to compete to get any food that we could; anywhere, anything was fair game, so you know what they say about old habits…

That leads to my other difficulties- I am very slow to warm up, I’m very scared of new people and I need patience, but it doesn’t take long before you will be totally rewarded with an incredibly devoted pup. Once I trust you I am incredibly lovey dovey, I have a look that my foster mom says is ”absolute adoration”

The vet says I’m some sort of shepherd-lab cross but I’m very small. Someone suggested some Kelpie dog too and after looking them up, my foster mom thinks there’s a distinct possibility. I have some shepherd/guard behaviours/tendencies- anyone coming to the door will be announced loudly, and evidently I  needs work on door manners and be under control of my human, or not greet people and meet them once my human lets them in and they are in a spot where they can ignore me for awhile so I can get use to them being in “my“ space.

Oh and the crate thing, I HATE it. I only get fed in it so I’ll go in willingly now but once I’m done eating I bark to let you know I’m done. I’ll eventually settle and I do sleep in it.

I’ve had a very stressful first half of my life, my foster mom thinks I deserves to have a wonderful loving second half, in a home with a doggo brother to help make me more comfortable and confident(I’m very different when meeting people and other dogs when the resident dog here is with me than when I’m on my own) and humans who want to love me. I’d happily be someone’s running partner or agility dog! If you think you could use a loyal, loving pup in your life and can handle my baggage, please put an application in for me and let’s meet up!!

Please note: If other cats/dogs in your home are not spayed/neutered, we may deny your application. SCARS exists due to lack of spaying/neutering and it is our goal to end this cycle. If there is a documented medical reason for your animal to not be spayed/neutered, we will work with you.