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Status: Available for adoption
Animal Type(s): Puppies (< 6 months)
Gender: Female
Approx. date of birth: approx Sept 26, 2019
Breed: Mixed
Current location: Near Onoway
Spayed / Neutered: Yes
Energy level: Medium
Good with kids: Unknown – There are no kids in Dixie's foster home
Good with dogs: Yes
Good with cats: Unknown – There are no cats in my life. I would need proper introduction but should be OK..

Dec 15/19 update:

My momma looks a lot like me and is about 40 pounds. My papa was maybe a big fluffy farm dog type. My brothers were adopted last week and that left me in a place that makes me uncomfortable – being the only one left with no one to hide behind. You see, I’m really shy and wary of things, which is weird since I’ve been with SCARS for 5 weeks and haven’t been hurt or frightened in that time. That’s just the way I am. Even in my foster home with people I know, I will duck my head when they go to pat me. Unless one of the other dogs or my foster mom goes with me, I’m reluctant to go out the door even though I love being outside. Maybe afraid that they won’t let me back in? Perplexing!  Foster mom says she’s tired of standing in the snow in her socks saying “Go pee. Go pee-pee”. It’s really quite amusing if you ask me J

Don’t get me wrong though, I’m not totally standoffish. I love people! I’ll jump all over you if you sit on the floor. I love to share the couch with you, I’m getting used to being picked up, and going for walks is awesome. I’m a quiet traveler and a good sleeper. As mentioned above, I’m not housetrained yet though we’re working on it.

To make life easier for me and for you, ideally my forever home would have a young, playful confident dog that could help me build confidence. My forever person needs to be kind, have dog experience and have infinite patience. Harsh words or actions would set my trust back to square one.  I need to see and do and smell and taste the whole world! Though I’m sure kids are fine, I would do best in a quieter home with no light saber warriors or aspiring musicians. J

My foster mum thinks that I have a lot of potential and she enjoys me a lot.  I’m her favourite but don’t tell the brothers!  If you think that you have the time and knowledge to bring out the best in me, please head for that application to adopt me.


Nov 28/19:

Dixie here looking for a home without my two big hairy brothers, Forrest and Steely Gray. Whoa boy, a girl’s gotta be tough to live with two yahoo boys!! It’s exhausting, but I can hold my own and I tell them off all the time.

I’m super shy when I first meet new people but it doesn’t take me too long to want to climb all over you. First day at my foster home I spent under the buffet whenever I heard someone coming. By day two, I was part of the ankle biting pack 😉   Up until now, my life has been sort of sheltered so I need exposure to sights, sounds, people and other animals. Sudden movements or load noises can send me scurrying under the buffet. But it’s early goings yet as I’ve only been in this new foster home for a couple of days.

My adoptive home will have the fun and honour of helping me become a great canine citizen. I’m a blank slate when it comes to any type of training, so please be ready for the whole meal deal ( house training, leash walking, obedience). I want it ALL!!

Please help me to be the best so my momma will be proud.

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Please note: If other cats/dogs in your home are not spayed/neutered, we may deny your application. SCARS exists due to lack of spaying/neutering and it is our goal to end this cycle. If there is a documented medical reason for your animal to not be spayed/neutered, we will work with you.