Status: On Medical Hold
Animal Type(s): Dogs, Large Dogs (> 50 lbs / 23 kg)
Gender: Male
Breed: Mixed
Spayed / Neutered: Yes
Good with kids: Older children only
Good with dogs: Yes
Good with cats: Yes

I My new name is Rusty!

I am probably about 4 years old.

I was basically found homeless.

Well it was early November when these workers came, and started throwing food at me, it was great, but I wasn’t feeling good, and I was losing weight.

It was the middle of December when my foster mom came up and saw me again and determined I would not survive over the Christmas holidays, because the workers would be leaving.  I was a walking skeleton.

My foster mom took me to the vet, and everyone made such a commotion when I walked in…I though I was a celebrity – it wasn’t until I noticed my foster mom crying…that something was wrong,  all the people were talking about my neglect


Well happier to report that, I have been gaining weight slowly…but steady!, I went to the groomers, that was fun, everyone was nervous, but I enjoyed it. My foster mom, is still dealing with some issues, but she can report on my behavior. Oh and when I go to the vet now…everyone talks about how beautiful I look. I am now a sharp dressed dog!

Kids, interacts well with kids of all ages, Rusty is large so easily can knock young ones over, but he is not vicious. However, I would not let kids hold or carry food. Rusty is so food focused…let be honest he was starved. He absolutely loves my 11 year grand daughter (because she feeds and hugs him), so he follows her. He has played with kids, 4 to 13

Dogs, plays great with dogs.

Cats, he likes cats!

Food, Rusty is food driven, he cant get the food fast enough, he gulps it down, inhale might be better word. However, he does understand where he gets his food, when his turn is (last). He has learnt to sit and wait. I did notice, that he never goes to the other dog dishes ever

Quirks – afraid of floors, afraid of darker hallways. Car rides, he ok with it. Loves loves loves his walks, and he is such a good walker – no pulling or anxious behaviour. He gets very excited when I get home and does attempt to jump – he is big, so it is very comical.

I think Rusty is beautiful, he has these extra large paws. The vet feels he is part mastiff, and maybe there is lab, because of those paws




Currently he is on a hypo diet

He is on B12 injections

Please note: If other cats/dogs in your home are not spayed/neutered, we may deny your application. SCARS exists due to lack of spaying/neutering and it is our goal to end this cycle. If there is a documented medical reason for your animal to not be spayed/neutered, we will work with you.