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Hello SCARS, We adopted our good boy Rico from you in June 2013.  He was one of four puppies that were found and rescued from a dump. Our Belgian Malinois took to him right away and showed him how to ‘dog’ cause Rico was very shy and sensitive.


Diggs (formerly Chinook)

Hello SCARS, We recently adopted Chinook (now Diggs) about a week ago from his foster mom. We are loving him! He is about 10 weeks old. We wanted to share a few pictures of how he is adjusting! He is becoming a lake dog for sure!

Diggs (formerly Chinook)2020-08-05T08:43:37-06:00


Hello SCARS, At 6 months old, I was adopted by a couple in the spring of 2017. My wonderful home had two other cats and a working dog. For the record, I was the cutest! I had places to climb and hide,  other critters to keep me company,


Leia (formerly Aruba)

Hello SCARS, I wanted to give you an update on Leia (Aruba). After losing my dog last summer,  my cat Artoo was very lonely. I decided to help him by finding him a new pal. I adopted Leia back in the fall and she has been the sweetest

Leia (formerly Aruba)2020-07-31T14:39:27-06:00

Winnie (formerly Fortune)

Hello SCARS, We adopted Winnie (formerly Fortune) in April. She has made herself right at home with us and we are so thankful our paths crossed with hers. She’s become our running buddy and has the best time running along the trails with us. She brings us heaps

Winnie (formerly Fortune)2020-07-31T14:29:26-06:00

Stella – TRIBUTE

Hello SCARS, "Stella is an awesome dog!" That's what her write up said on the SCARS website when I came across her photo. She looked so familiar to me, I was instantly drawn to her. They were right. Stella was an awesome dog. For 9 years she was

Stella – TRIBUTE2020-07-30T13:08:33-06:00

Alistair – TRIBUTE

Hello SCARS,  Alistair came into our lives on August 17, 2007 at about two years of age...and life was never the same . We adopted him from Second Chance Animal Rescue so our little Dudley would have a companion. It didn’t take much for Alistair to fall in

Alistair – TRIBUTE2020-07-24T08:33:33-06:00