Bob Dylan

They say being at the right place at the right time can change your world. Maybe it was fate watching over me, but my journey to SCARS has been filled with good people, good fortune and good timing. My origins are unknown, but one evening I appeared at the home of my rescuer. She was out caring for her animals and I wandered into her barn and, in exhaustion, flopped down on the floor and hoped for the best. Many days earlier I was injured, likely hit by a vehicle, my left hind leg in pain and dangling uselessly from my body. I was hungry and tired and in dire need of kindness. I was so fortunate to choose this place to wander into, not only an animal lover herself, she also knew a SCARS volunteer she could call to get advice. She invited me into her home for the night, gave me food, a soft bed and she even had pain medication for me. I slept the sleep of exhaustion that night. While I rested, arrangements were made to bring me into the SCARS family and the medical care I needed. Phone calls, plans and decisions were made. Despite being short on funds and foster home space, an almost maxed out SCARS still did not let me down or turn me away.

My rescuer drove me to Westlock the next day, where my new friend from SCARS met me and took me to the vet clinic there. The kind vet clinic staff assessed me and discovered a broken femur and three broken toes. As fate would have it, Dr. Trevor Jackson, who does orthopedic surgery had a cancellation that very day. Within hours, my leg was plated back together and my broken toes splinted. Timing really is everything. It was a difficult break as it had started to heal on its own. A few days more and it might not have been possible to repair and I may have lost my leg.

I am doing great now! I love everyone here. The people and the other dogs are cool. I even like Melissa the vet clinic cat. My leg is getting stronger. I keep chewing my splint, but they keep getting me a new one, and I take my physio like a champ. My SCARS friend thinks my markings make me look like an old soul, but I am really just a young guy. A young guy who managed to be at the right place at the right timesand that has made all the difference. Please donate to SCARS so they can continue to help dogs like me.