Brie had been hit by a car

I’m Brie. You might be wondering what a sweet border collie like me is doing in need of rescue. Well, let me tell you! Rescues come to SCARS from all walks of life and all communities. I am an 8-month-old female and a very busy girl. So busy, in fact, that instead of watching what I was doing I took a misstep right into a vehicle. You know how that story goes, vehicle wins every time. I was taken into the vet right away, but my family was not prepared to go through with the surgery. The on-call vet didn’t think I should be euthanized over a broken leg and asked that I be surrendered. SCARS was later asked to take me on and, to my good fortune, they said YES!

It hasn’t been all sunshine and roses. I have already had two surgeries and I may need a third one. I have some use of my leg, but young bones rebuild themselves very quickly and unfortunately, it seems I may be growing bone in the wrong place, potentially causing pain and reduced mobility in my hip. Another concern is that I am so athletic and quick. I don’t need four legs, I can fly around on three. So it is hard for me to be convinced that I should walk and exercise my injured leg. I would rather just lift it up and charge around on three legs. Healing is a journey for sure. My foster home is working with me and they hope I will start making progress. If you want SCARS to be able to help dogs like me, please donate!