Look at me now!


Hello SCARS. I wanted to send a quick note about Oscar. I wrote a look at me now update not long after we adopted him in 2014. He was found in a rural dump, underweight and with very bad demodex. We nursed him back to health, fell in love


Hi SCARS! I am still loving life in my forever home. They let me sleep on the furniture, play with me and I get daily walks –  which is my favorite part of my day, of course, after breakfast and dinner. The vet said they have never seen a

Gretchen (formerly Azalia)

Hi SCARS. My name is Gretchen, formerly Azalia. I was adopted last year in April and I’ve now been with my furever family for one year! The past year has been great. My parents are so pleased with my manners, I know how to sit, stay, come, heel and

Tango (formerly Ceceilia)

Just wanted to send an update on Tango (formerly Ceceilia) who was rescued with two bullet wounds right around Christmas time. She is doing SO awesome! She is completely healed up from her wounds and her coat has finally grown back. None of her former injuries seem to have

Auggie (formerly Poppy)

Auggie came to SCARS in early February 2015 as a transfer from the Canine Action Project in Saskatchewan. We estimate he was born in 2013. Naomi Borkent adopted him in late February 2015. She recently us sent us these photos and wanted us to know that she continues to


Hi SCARS. Here is an update on Misfit. My son and I got misfit on my 50th Birthday. She was my special present that he picked out for me after many conversations about getting a dog and the responsibility it would be. We met her at an adoption event

Hudson and Opie

Hi SCARS! We adopted Hudson in October 2015 and Opie around March 2016. We had only planned on adopting Hudson because we’ve always had a dog in the family. But Mom has a certain spot in her heart for big dogs with big heads and when Terra sent her

Riggins (formerly Jerry)

Hi SCARS! We adopted Jerry (now “Riggins” or “Riggs” for short) last Saturday and wanted to give you an update one week later. He is such a love! We are truly so happy with how perfectly he matches with us. He is loving, playful and very smart. He has