Look at me now!

Tasha (formerly Porky)

Here is our 1-year update!! Tasha (Porky) turned a year old today! She is a great family dog who has amazing patience with the kids and is such a welcome addition to our family. I have included a letter my 8-year-old twins wrote to Sylvia. It is too adorable

Toby (formerly Kelso)

It has been 13 months since we adopted Toby (Kelso) from SCARS and needless to say it has been quite the ride. We have been super lucky with the relationship between Toby and our older dog, Abby. They got along the first time they met and now have created

She-Ra (formerly Nova)

Hi SCARS! We adopted Nova, now named She-Ra, just over three weeks ago and we couldn’t love her more!! She fits into our home and acreage with our other two dogs, DC and Olivia, like she’s always been here. She loves her new yard, three acres of space to

Tucker (formerly Ben)

Hi SCARS! This is Tucker (formerly Ben). We were fortunate enough to add Tucker to our Family on December 3rd, 2016. He has brought so much love and joy into our home. When we first got Tucker he was a little shy and timid. However, his brother, Donut, was

Street (formerly Kara)

Hi SCARS! Just a note about Kara, who is now Street. I know it’s only been a week, but she is an amazing puppy. She is pretty much house trained now, but she still has the occasional accident. However, whenever she does, it is always on the training pad.

Maya (formerly Nyla)

Hi SCARS! I wanted to send a quick update/thanks! Just one week ago, Maya (formerly Nyla) came home with me. At first, she was shy and overwhelmed, but that didn’t last long! Now she’s running around, pulling every toy out of the basket and playing with her new pals!

Maggie (formerly Bumblebee)

Hi SCARS, This is Maggie aka Bumblebee. On Feb. 15, Maggie turned a year old. She is a sweet girl and loves her new family as we love her so much. She started out with a plane ride from Edmonton to Vancouver Island and has never looked back. Maggie


Hi SCARS! Buster is now a year old so I thought I’d send you guys an update! For anyone who may not know his story, back when we adopted him last June he had just gone through his first surgery to correct a skeletal deformity. That surgery was unsuccessful

Penny (formerly Daisy)

Hi SCARS, this is Penny (formerly Daisy). Several months ago we lost our wonderful dog, Sadie. She was 12 years old and fought diabetes for three months until she lost the battle. It is a horrible disease and it just about destroyed all of us. I told my wife “that is

Brooklen (formerly Will)

Good day, SCARS. Since Brooks has become a part of our family, he has stolen all our hearts. He’s the gentle giant like Fernando the bull. I adopted him in august of 2014 as he was rescued from malnutrition. I had originally adopted Brook to give him a new