Look at me now!

Please submit your “Look At Me Now” update

If you have adopted an animal from SCARS, please send us a Look at Me Now update. You can provide an update at any time during the life of your pet and more than one is welcome. We sometimes get updates shortly after adoption but we also get them months or even many years later.  All updates are welcome.

Reasons to submit a story

  • Inspire our volunteers. The dogs and cats we rescue live in our homes so our volunteers develop a deep bond with them. Seeing a pet thriving in its forever home is a source of pride and joy for our volunteers. The update you provide gives us the strength to say farewell to a beloved foster at adoption time. Adoption means there is now an opening for the next rescued pet.
  • Encourage others to adopt. When people see how much joy a rescued pet can bring to a family,  it encourages them to adopt. This helps us to reduce the number of unwanted pets in Alberta.

How to submit your story

Please email your story along with one or more images to scars@scarscare.ca. We will add it to this page and share it on our social media sites. Thank you!

Murphy (formerly Elliott)

Hello SCARS. As Murphy's 10th birthday approaches (in March 2018) I was reminded that she got her start in SCARS foster care with one of your volunteers, Barb Sheppard. What a sweet lady Barb was, and Momma Lorelai was a great mom to her 10 puppies named after the

Murphy (formerly Elliott) 2018-01-15T17:50:49-07:00

Ziggy (previously Meadow)

Hello SCARS! We have had Ziggy (previously Meadow) for 4 months now, and we love her so much! She is full of energy and keeps us on our toes! Her older sister Zoe has adapted to the added energy in our household. We love both of our rescue dogs

Ziggy (previously Meadow) 2018-01-15T17:42:10-07:00

Rusty (formerly Tubbs)

Hi SCARS, Here is an update on Rusty (formerly Tubbs). We adopted him from SCARS in April of 2016 at 8 months old. He is a mix of Red Heeler, Akita, and German Shepherd. Rusty loves herding and being chased by the Bison. He spends the majority of his

Rusty (formerly Tubbs) 2018-01-15T17:34:55-07:00

Charlie (formerly Cobalt)

Hello, SCARS. This is Charlie (formerly Cobalt) checking in. I’ve been with my new family just over a year now and I’ve just about got them trained the way I like. Mom and Dad are always ready to play and I love taking them to the off-leash park or

Charlie (formerly Cobalt) 2018-01-11T20:26:38-07:00

Elliott (formerly Trigger)

Hello! A very Merry Christmas from our home to yours. Elliott (formerly Trigger) has been with us for a year now and just keeps getting bigger! He’s been mountain climbing and hiking and lives to run ahead and scout out the trail. He is desperate to play with his

Elliott (formerly Trigger) 2018-01-11T20:17:28-07:00

Maggie (previously Janis)

We have had Maggie (previously Janis) for over a year now! When we first brought her home she was very anxious when I left the house. But she has warmed up to the rest of the family and now is content to play with her squeaky toys when she

Maggie (previously Janis) 2017-12-31T17:49:03-07:00

Rez (formerly Carl/Buster)

Good Morning Wonderful People of SCARS! My Name is Rez (formerly Carl/Buster). SCARS found me in a ditch about 7 years ago and I was the only survivor of my litter. A nice lady from Fort Saskatchewan fostered me until I found and rescued my Dad! SCARS said I

Rez (formerly Carl/Buster) 2017-12-31T17:36:20-07:00

Pumpkin (formerly Basil)

Merry Christmas from SCARS dog Pumpkin (on the right, formerly named Basil) and her brother Buzz! Thank you guys so much for what you do, and bringing Pumpkin into our lives. We've had her for a little over 5 years now and she brings us so much happiness each

Pumpkin (formerly Basil) 2017-12-24T18:11:43-07:00

Penny (formerly Goldie)

Hi SCARS. We wanted to give you an update on our precious pup Penny (aka Goldie). We have had Penny in our family for about 10 months, and we love her so much! She is a very smart, loyal dog whose best friends are three cats. This will be

Penny (formerly Goldie) 2017-12-16T16:23:21-07:00