Celebrating the Life of Your Beloved Pet

Pets provide a kind of love and joy that is really unequalled in life. When we share our lives with a beloved dog or cat or bird there is a bond that is created that sometimes reaches even deeper in our hearts than those we share with other humans. For that reason it is important to acknowledge and respond to the depth of loss we feel when our beloved pets die.

In many ways our culture today seems to be in denial of the grief process and the need to embrace the pain we feel when we lose someone or something we have cherished. This is just as true for the human losses as for those of our pets.  The problem with this kind of thinking is that it sends grief underground so to speak where it festers and drains us of energy and joy in all area of life.

Our grief needs to be given the light of day so that it can move through us naturally and organically. There is nothing wrong with feeling deep sadness and loss when a beloved pet dies. When our hearts have been opened so completely in love, our loss is equally all consuming for a time.

That is why a pet celebration ceremony remembering, honouring and celebrating the lives of our beloved furred and feathered companions and family members is so important. Creating a sacred time and space in which to pay tribute to these most cherished beings is truly a heart centered activity. The unconditional love and acceptance that flows between pet and human is something to be treasured and acknowledged; as is the deep sense of loss when that pet dies. Ceremony is a way to celebrate the many ways pets and animal companions enrich our lives.

A pet celebration or memorial ceremony offers comfort while embracing the grieving process. It acknowledges the importance of the relationship with beloved pets and consists of three main components:

  1. Creating sacred space to honour and acknowledge the life of your pet.
  2. The invitation to talk openly and unreservedly about your relationship  including memories, your feelings, what your pet meant to you, what they gave you and how you gave to them.
  3. Ritual which may include music, poetry, prayer, quiet reflection time, the five elements, candles, dedication and release (all ceremonies are customized for you).

The ceremony can be held in your home, at a park, a community centre or wherever you choose. It can be private, just you, immediate family and friends or public. What is important is that it has meaning for you and helps you through the grieving process.

Nothing can take away your loss but a well thought out tribute can help to ease the pain.

“The best part for me was being able to say out loud how much Bert and Minnou meant in my life; being able to feel the feelings and talk about them openly. My grief was acknowledged and I experienced genuine compassion for a loss that isn’t generally recognized.” D.

About the Author: Yvonne Racine is a Life Celebrant and Coach, providing celebrations for life’s special moments and coaching through the difficult ones. Yvonne provides ceremonies for all of life’s transitions including baby namings, weddings, retirement, divorce and the death of a loved one including beloved pets. In her coaching she specializes in guiding her clients through experiences of change and loss. The focus is on changing the way you relate to your inner world so that you can relate to the changes that take place in the outer world with grace and equanimity. 

Websites: www.lifecelebrations.ca & www.yvonneracine.com
Phone: 780-913-6466

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