Danny was run over by a vehicle

This is young Danny. He was not even 5 weeks old when he needed our help. He’s part of a litter that was going to come into care once they were weaned. The puppies were becoming active and toddling all over the yard. Danny was in the way of a vehicle and a tire crushed his hind end. Our volunteer found him hiding under a ramp. His right hind leg was hanging and very painful. X-rays showed a raggedly fractured femur. A piece of his sacrum was also broken off, but should heal on its own in a pup this young.

Broken bones are bad, of course, but the worst part of this is that even though his mother had lots of milk, Danny was severely malnourished. She was malnourished too and had no quality of milk, just quantity, to give to the pups. Danny’s bone density is a critical and worrying issue.

For those who are interested in a more indepth update on Danny and his surgery, here is the technical version of his procedure and prognosis. It was a complicated surgery so any donations to help with the vet bill and the high nutrient food for the next 6 weeks would be very much appreciated.

From the animal hospital on Tuesday Aug 1: What we did was place an intramedullary pin from the top of the hip to the distal femur. We then placed 2 external fixator pins on the lateral aspect of the leg, one at top and one at the bottom and then connected all 3 with connecting bars so it is quite a contraption. This hopefully will provide the stability to allow the bone to heal and then once it is healed, all the pins need to be removed (6-8 weeks). I’m optimistic about healing as we were able to do the surgery without disturbing the fracture much at all and he is eating his puppy food well. As his left pelvis is injured as well, he is not overly mobile and in some ways this is ok so he can cage rest better.

The surgery to pin and plate his fractured hind leg went “as well as could be expected” according to his vet. Now Danny’s foster home will push the nutrition so that his bones will be strong and heal well. For the next 6 weeks he is under watch and his recovery is up to mom nature and foster mom—a well-acquainted duo.

Danny’s littermates (Amy, Eddy, Benny and Conny) are all in care now, receiving good food and much love. Momma dog will be spayed so no more pups for her. This is a win-win-win thanks to our supporters and volunteers.

August 24/17 update: Little Danny was in hospital overnight. He is growing so much that his vet has to do adjustments to the apparatus weekly now. New X-rays were also done to see how the bone is healing. It’s almost doing too good, the rod is holding the bone so well that the bone needs to start restructuring itself. It needs to start doing some work on its own to build up density and healing within. His doctor is pleased with his progress and depending how things go with the rod out, Danny may get the rest of the device removed in 10-14 days. Fingers crossed! Adoption moves closer to reality!

September 5 update: Well, quite the day. Look who has no cone, nor any pins, rods and bars. Freedom to run and play like all other puppies. His vet said X-rays today show his leg is completely healed and the bone looks normal and healthy! He’s on antibiotics as a precaution. When there is an opening into the bone from pins, there is a possibility to get an infection. Go Danny Boy!