Dryden (formerly Buddy)

In March 2010 we adopted Buddy (now Dryden). SCARS was using Sadies K-9 kennel as a platform for the animals needing homes. We attended on a Saturday afternoon to check out the facility for the purebred puppy we were scheduled to receive in April. Buddy came up and laid on my husband’s foot and stayed there for the entire 20 minutes it took me to check out this doggie daycare facility. When I returned and asked my husband what he was doing, he promptly said we can have two dogs because I’m taking this one home – please go fill out all the paperwork.

Well Buddy came home with us and was promptly renamed Dryden. We were told he did not like other dogs, hated cats, not too fussy about kids, aloof with adults and not sure if he was housebroken. After reading the fine print we wondered what we had got ourselves in for.

We quickly realized that we had hit the jackpot – Dryden is the most loveable, docile, friendly dog we have ever owned. He was housebroken in one day, he loved kids and other dogs, and quite liked cats – but most importantly he loved my husband and me.

Our life has been pretty much devoted to Dryden over the past 8 years. We have had dogs or cats for the last 44 years and without a doubt – Dryden is the BEST dog we have ever owned. He has enriched our lives so much – and that is why I say Dryden rescued us. And why we say THANK YOU to SCARS for bringing in him to us.

P.S. We never did get that purebred – Dryden was more than we could have hoped for in a companion!

Steve & Mary-Ellen Deising