CDI College (North Campus) Massage-a-Thon

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Please mark your calendar for Friday, May 25. The CDI College (North Campus) Massage Program will be holding their annual Massage-a-Thon. This year they have selected SCARS as the charity that will receive the funds they raise during the event. The main feature will be “20-minute massages” in exchange for a minimum $10 donation. There will also be a bake sale, silent auction, BBQ, photo booth, dunk tank, cake decorating contest and they are planning to have some meet and greets happening that day with local celebrities.

More details to come!

Two of the staff members at the college


adopted from SCARS! Here are their stories:

  • Draco (formerly Homan), the big dog: After losing our previous puppy my husband and I weren’t sure we wanted to adopt again so soon but after coming across a picture of Homan (now Draco) on the SCARS website I knew he was meant for us. Draco was born Dec 30, 2014 and we adopted him Feb 26, 2015. We have had many challenges with Draco being an escape artist but wouldn’t trade his loving and gentle nature for anything.  He has become a protective and loving brother to his 4 cats and his sister Luna a Norwegian Elkhound/Shepherd cross. We want to thank SCARS for everything they do and for allowing us to have such an welcome addition to our family.
  • Ripley (formerly Panda), the small dog: We got Ripley in the summer of 2015 and we couldn’t be happier with her. She has “a lot of love to give” and “no means yes” when she greets you. We have had amazing times and some very worrying times with her over the years. She was just a puppy when we got her. She loves playing and stealing toys away from her sister, being chased through the house, howling at us with a full mouth, and cuddling with dad on the couch, in bed, at the dinner table… everywhere. She is my shadow when I’m at home and never leaves my side… expect when I try to hide but she always finds me. We have had scary times as well like when she scarfs down her food, gets bloated and throws up everywhere. This stopped when we got her a special bowl (aka, the maze bowl/slow feeder). There is also her ability to always get into the garbage. This also results in her throwing up everywhere. The worst example is when she ate wrappers and all the Halloween candy and threw up everywhere, including on me. Through everything with my Ripley, I wouldn’t ever regret not adopting her into our family as her personality is everything and I would do it again and again!

[Photo: Shanna and Alex pose with Draco and Ripley]