SCARS’s focus is on making lasting change in our target communities, but occasionally we are asked to help in unique situations outside of those areas. When the call came in from a partner vet asking us to take over the expenses and place Ginger, we had an available foster spot and a potential adopter already interested so we stepped in.

Ginger had suffered an acute case of pancreatitis. Her owners loved her and made the difficult decision to surrender her to the vet when they were no longer able to afford the mounting bills. She spent many more days at a vet under supervision but finally was released to her new foster home. She is now on a special diet which runs $125/bag and has some more blood work to be run before she can undergo spay surgery, but things are looking up. She slowly adjusted to her new surroundings, timid at first but with patience she came around. She really likes the other dogs though!

Please note, SCARS did not accept Ginger as a surrender, but a transfer. It is a very difficult thing for an owner to surrender their dog to the vet, in leu of euthanasia. We understand and respect the frustration that can come with this, but we are not in a financial position to offer free vet services beyond our SNR program in target communities. We do encourage considering Pet Insurance or setting up a savings account when adding a pet to your life – surprise expenses happen, even when you least expect it. We regret that any owner must make that choice, but will be here to help our partner vets where we can!

If you are considering where your donation dollars will go this holiday season, please consider a donation to SCARS.