Hi SCARS, Gizmo joined our family two years ago now. We were hesitant adopting a senior animal, especially because Gizmo had some pre-existing conditions, but I would never change our decision to bring Gizmo into our home.

He is quite the character. Every day when I get home, I’m greeted by Gizmo running around and howling at me. He loves to be chased around the house, and will often scratch at my leg until I do so. We refer to Gizmo as the policeman, because he will often tell on his cat brother by howling at him if he’s doing something he shouldn’t be. Gizmo also has perfected the puppy pout and often tricks his grandparents into giving him treats.

At the end of May, we celebrated Gizmo’s 13th birthday. Please never look past a dog, or any pet, because of their age. They all have so much to teach you and so much love to give you. I could not image my life without my little police dog.