Look At Me Now Update…Today I’m celebrating my 1st birthday which likely would not have been possible without the amazing and persistent volunteers at SCARS.

Because of these volunteers…..

  • my two sisters, mom and I learnt that life under a deck with little human interaction is no life for any dog.
  • I met a person who gave me a purple stuffed elephant when we first met and then gave me a forever home.
  • I have been able to learn how to walk on a leash with a quick tutorial from my fur brother.
  • I got to learn that looks can be deceiving and I am a boxer, husky, Shih tzu, golden retriever and Labrador retriever cross and not a west highland terrier cross.
  • I learnt that submissive urination isn’t permanent when you have the support of your family who never yell or scold you.
  • I get to go exploring with my big brother and big sister and learn to “swim.”
  • I get to try and get as dirty as dogly possible for a little white dog.
  • I got to learn how to ring the bathroom bell within 12 hours at my forever home and now I get to go out and back in and back out and back in.
  • I got to learn that car rides make me sick but I’m determined to grow out of that.
  • I learnt how to roll in the fallen raspberries and give my mom a fright.
  • I got to go to positive reinforcement puppy school not once but twice and learn that new places and people aren’t so scary as long as I get super yummy treats.
  • I got to steal a squeaky cat toy and make it my most favorite toy to kick around and chase.
  • I got to learn that sandals taste good and socks look better all over the house.
  • I get to rest my head on my parent’s pillow every night and give them kisses whenever I want.

Because of these volunteers…. I am alive and so are thousands of other dogs who just want to be happy and healthy like I am.

Thanks SCARS

Love Grier aka Nugget aka Suge Nug aka Nuggie