Indio was hit by a car

HBC … Three little letters on my medical report. Huge consequences. They stand for “Hit By Car.” I was picked up by an Alberta SPCA peace officer and taken to the Lac Ste Anne Vet where I was stabilized, given fluids, food and pain management. Due to my injury and the fact that no one came to claim me, my release into rescue was expedited.

SCARS transferred me to the Westlock Veterinary Center this morning where I’ll be kept comfortable until I can have a thorough physical exam, x-rays and surgery to repair the bilateral mandibular fracture. I’m an older guy, maybe 10, and have lived more or less homeless all my life. My joints are a bit stiff which may be a result of my HBC status or because stiffness comes with age. If you’re able to donate towards the care of dogs like me, SCARS and I would be very grateful. I think that life is about to get better for me.

~ Indio