Jerry is an abandoned puppy with a birth defect

Hi everyone, I’m Jerry. I’m lucky to be alive and very happy to have ended up with SCARS. Survival odds for a pup that somehow ends up on its own in a rural area during February are low. My first lucky break was finding my way to the home of a kind woman. She saw that I was skinny and began to feed me. She saved my life. She also noticed that something was wrong with my leg so she took me to a vet clinic that works with SCARS. She donated $100 toward my care and surrendered me to SCARS.

The vet who assessed me thinks I have a birth defect that hopefully can be helped with surgery when I’m a bit older. My foster mom will be taking me to see a specialist at Guardian Veterinary Centre this week to find out what can be done and when. This is what the lady that found me has to say…

“I love all kinds of animals, but dogs take a special place in my heart. This pup stole mine when I first met him. He was such a sweet and trusting puppy. I am very happy he’s gone to SCARS where he will get the attention and love that he needs. I wish I had been able to keep him but my job takes me away a lot and he needs lots of care and love. I think he was meant to come to my home briefly so he would have a fighting chance at life. I hope he will be happy with his new family.”

My leg has an odd bend so we are keeping it wrapped to protect my skin and give me a bit of extra support. I’m grateful to the kindness of the woman who saved me and to SCARS for providing the veterinary care and loving foster home that I so desperately need. My foster mom says I will never be alone, hungry and scared again. That sounds pretty great. Best of all is that I will eventually be adopted by a loving family.

If you want to help puppies like me, please donate to SCARS.