Jingle was suffering from severe frost bite

It was days before Christmas and I was anything but Merry. I had hitched a ride on a vehicle and then fell or jumped off into the ditch when it slowed down. Mid December temperatures were in the minus 20’s with wind chill as well. The fall broke my leg and the cold began to take its toll on my body. It was looking like my young life would end in the cold, before 2017 arrived. But my story doesn’t end in tragedy. A passerby saw me and stopped to pick me up… such kindness. She had no idea what to do with me, a half-frozen, injured cat, so this beautiful angel took me to the local vet, hoping for help. I arrived at the Westlock Vet Center wrapped in a blanket in a laundry basket. Standing at the counter of the clinic was another angel, SCARS president Sylvia Christiansen. Little did I know that the pain and the fear and the cold was about to end. SCARS specializes in those animals needing the most help and without a seconds hesitation, my second chance was gifted to me.

My leg is on the mend, my frost-bitten feet are healing and the part of my ear that I lost just adds to my character. I am staying at the clinic as foster home spots are unavailable, but I would love for my forever home to see me and make my Christmas and New Year miracles complete.