Kayah’s Birthday Fundraiser

These parents have a reason to be proud! SCARS sends a huge THANKS to Kayah and her parents!

Our daughter, Kayah Brown turned 7 on February 10, 2018. I follow SCARS and we came across Trapper’s tragic story. Kayah was very touched by the 3-legged pup and asked if we could adopt him, noting she would love him even though he only had 3 legs and only one eye after his rescue and surgery. Our first family dog was a rescue and last year at the age of 11 she developed cancer that ended up in her passing. We then adopted a puppy who is now 7 months old so we explained to her that we couldn’t adopt Trapper but we could help him and other dogs by asking for donations for SCARS. Kayah decided that she had enough toys and would instead like to request donations for puppies like Trapper for her birthday this year.  So that’s what we did, she collected $100 in cash donations, a $50 donation directly to SCARS in Kayah’s name, gift cards to Pet Smart and all of the items pictured (attached). We are very proud of her generosity, empathy and her genuine love of animals and we would like to thank SCARS for the work you all do.