Maggie (formerly Bumblebee)

Hi SCARS, This is Maggie aka Bumblebee. On Feb. 15, Maggie turned a year old. She is a sweet girl and loves her new family as we love her so much. She started out with a plane ride from Edmonton to Vancouver Island and has never looked back. Maggie did puppy and foundation training and passed with flying colors. She was, sorry to say, the star student. With boating, swimming and hiking… she loves it all, and her brother Stan and sister Holly have warmed up to her more than you can imagine. We can not imagine our family without maggie. Her extraordinary personality keeps us laughing all day.

Thank you SCARS for the great work you do and for putting Maggie in our lives, especially we want to thank Amie who found Maggie for us.

Thanks, Sue and Roy / Stan and Holly

PS: Here are some photos of Maggie’s birthday party.