Hi SCARS. Here is an update on Misfit. My son and I got misfit on my 50th Birthday. She was my special present that he picked out for me after many conversations about getting a dog and the responsibility it would be. We met her at an adoption event at the Petsmart on the north side of Edmonton. She was about four years old at the time and you didn’t know much about her history. Turns out she has been the best dog I have ever had, and the most lovable as you can see from her photo with the cat. The two have bonded like it was meant to be. As a matter of fact when our cat accidentally got out on Halloween of this year and was hit by a vehicle, I think misfit being in the yard and their special bond was what kept our cat, Dave, alive. He crawled home with a broken jaw. As you can see, things are back to normal. Again, a thank you for the great work you do and all your efforts. Bless you and all your animals.