Let me introduce myself… a drum roll would be nice here! My name is Moose and, as my name suggests, I am a big guy with a big heart and a big personality. I am also a guy with a big problem. I have learned to look both ways before I cross the road, but I must have misjudged how fast that car was coming. I guess you all can figure out what happened next. Just never ends well for the dog.  That mishap occurred a while ago and my partially broken leg partially healed. I could sort of use it, but not very well. My new friends at the Westlock Vet Center initially tried a splint to give me the support I needed to allow the leg to heal. Had this been successful, it would have saved SCARS the costs of major surgery and me a lot of pain and rehab, plus funds from donors like you could go to other dogs in need. Alas, it was not to be. The splint just wasn’t providing the support the leg required, so surgery it was.

That was last week. Due to my size… did I mention I am a big boy…  my plated leg still needs extra support to ensure the bone has time to heal. So I now have a plate in my leg and I am still wearing a splint. I think I am going to be here awhile, but that is cool. I like this place… good food, nice people and I just have to lay around all day. I will continue to rehab here till a foster home is available and then hopefully there will be a forever home waiting for me. It would be awesome if you could help SCARS out just like they are helping me… how about buying tickets to Canines and Cocktails which takes place on Nov. 4! It’s guaranteed you will get good food, meet great people, and have a chance to bid on awesome stuff. Wags and sloppy kisses… Moose