Hi SCARS, I wanted to send an update on our puppy Ollie (aka “Olaf”). We adopted him through you guys in March of this year. He has grown into a sweet, cheeky, BEAUTIFUL dog. We constantly have strangers stopping us to tell us how good looking he is. I think it goes to his head (hence the cheeky part). We have had some health issues with Ollie. At four months he was put on antibiotics for a respiratory infection but managed to bounce back quickly. Then at seven months he became very sick with coccidia. It has taken us three months, many different treatments and several vet visits to finally fight off this horrible parasite. We think that being frozen when he was found has put him behind a little with his immunity, and ability to fight things on his own.

He is a big mommy suck and has become a very sweet shadow. He loves to cuddle and he loves to think that he has outsmarted you. For instance when it comes to laying on the couch (not allowed, picture attached). He has become a best friend to our cat and will even share his food with her. Thank you for allowing us to adopt Ollie. He has become a big part of our family! As you will see in the pictures attached, how could you not love that face!

Sincerely, Diane Knisely

(Note: Olaf came to SCARS as a very young puppy that was found by some children nearly frozen. Read his rescue story here.)