Oogey-Boogey and Sally

Every Love Story is Beautiful, but Ours is my Favourite. We came from different places, but bad luck and good luck and the kindness of strangers brought us together. My new name is Oogey-Boogey and I am just a young kitten no more than 4 months old. Just over a week ago a lady found me in a hotel parking lot, it was cold, snowing and blowing. A kitten such as myself had no business being out in those conditions. She picked me up from the snow and to her great dismay my paws were covered in blood. A traveller from another province she immediately sought help and found the local vet, which just happened to be SCARS friend, the Westlock Veterinary Center. Once brought into care, the kind staff carefully examined me. They were equally dismayed to see that whoever had left me in the snow had decided to clip all my toenails, without care or attention. My nails had been chopped back well passed the quick, they were bleeding and so painful. Veterinary care stopped the bleeding and I was now in a warm safe place… homeless… but safe. As a close friend of SCARS, clinic staff contacted one of our volunteers and introduced me to her. I did my best to impress, let me tell you. SCARS’ foster homes are maxed out, but as luck would have it another cat who had been in care for over a year found her forever home. There might be a spot for me.

A few days later, another cold, wet, bedraggled kitten arrived at the clinic. She was skinny and malnourished and also homeless. Clinic staff could no more turn her away than they had me. She to was now in a warm safe place…. and homeless.  They named her Sally and brought her to meet me. Well let me tell you it was love at first sight. The stars aligned, fate had worked in our favour. We were instantly best friends! Such happiness but, really, our new friendship was in jeopardy. SCARS only had space for me! Clinic staff couldn’t bear to see us separated now that we had so happily found each other. With a little manipulation and pictures that tugged at the heart strings… my soon to be foster home made room for one more. We get to join the SCARS family together. We hope our forever family is reading this right now. We hope you can’t resist two adorable friends looking to join your family.