PETraits… A Pet Portraits Fundraiser for SCARS (October 1 to November 30)

Thank you to artist, Justina Smith, for offering this amazing fundraiser for SCARS.

She says, “It costs money to run an animal rescue shelter, and the more animals that are rescued, the more funds are needed to pay for accommodation for the rescued animals, gas to transport the animals, vet visits, food, leashes, collars and other accoutrements that might be needed or replaced when they get damaged by stressed out animals or everyday use. So I’d like to help. Since I love to paint and that’s how I make my living, and I love painting PETraits, I thought it might be a neat idea as a fundraiser for SCARS to split half the proceeds from PETrait commissions I paint from October to November 30th with SCARS.”

Visit her website for more information and to order yours today!