My name is Roxy and, although I am not your typical rescue, my story is one worth sharing. As you can tell from my picture, I am a purebred German Shepherd. I was purchased as a puppy from a backyard breeder. Early in my young life, it became apparent that I had issues with my hips. The family that owned me managed my pain with medicine, but I had significant hip problems that pain meds could no longer help. I could not move with ease or grace. The truth is I have one of the worst cases of hip dysplasia my new veterinary team has ever seen. I came into SCARS care through a partner group after my family had decided to euthanize me. SCARS knows that I have a chance at a better life with surgery combined with properly managed pain care. True to the philosophy of helping animals in need, I was accepted into the SCARS family and brought to the Westlock Veterinary Center. Both my hips are in poor condition. However, the right is much worse than the left. I had surgery and the difference for me was immediate. Just a short time post-surgery and clinic staff could already see the difference in my personality, and the obvious decrease in my discomfort. There is no guarantee that I will become completely pain-free, or that I’ll have 100% mobility. An adopter will need to speak with the veterinary team to understand my condition and prognosis. I love my toys, am excited to go for walks and adore the other dogs around here.