Hello SCARS fans, it is me, Ryder! I am thankful to be in SCARS care and thankful that my home is in a great place like Alberta. You see I am probably a Boxer and Staffordshire Terrier Cross and I was found with an infected neck wound likely from another dog attacking me. In other places, my future might not be that bright, but here it’s sunshine and rainbows for me. My neck wound needed veterinary care (let me tell you the smell was pretty unbearable), but after being sedated and having it cleaned out, and getting some hydrotherapy and antibiotics it is much better. I also had an infected tooth, but you know the kind folks here fixed that up as well! I am happy to say I am just about as good as new. There is some scar tissue on my neck and kind of a lump, but really that just adds to my rugged good looks. Foster mom wondered if I might have issues with other dogs, but you know so far I have been great with everyone I have met. She isn’t sure how I ended up in a scuffle, but we are guessing the issues belonged to the other dogs and I might just have been in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Things are going great, but I might as well ask for the moon and the stars… Are you ready for it… I would like to have my own forever home. A place with people to love me, whom I can love back.  They need to be active because I have quite a bit of energy, but I am sure to keep you entertained as I have a lot of personality to share. Will you be a part of my happily ever after? SCARS will post a profile soon on the adoptable a site, but as always if you can help in any way – foster, volunteer, donate or adopt… me for instance… it would really be appreciated!