Joan Jett’s story

Joan Jett was previously adopted but recently returned to SCARS. She is a sweet, gentle dog that is only a year and a half old. But some dogs, it seems, don’t have the best luck. Best guess is that Sadie consumed a small object. Instead of creating a block or passing on its own, it lodged in her bowels and created a septic infection. By the time Sadie became visibly sick, it was too late to simply locate and remove the object. The emergency vet team instead had to remove a full metre of her lower intestines. Then, unfortunately, due to excessive bleeding, a second surgery was needed to remove her spleen. Later, she also needed a plasma transfusion. She’s been through a lot and things were touch and go, but she is starting to do a bit better. She has now been released from the VetEmerg clinic and is recovering at the Westlock Veterinary Centre. SCARS will do everything we can to ensure Sadie can live out the rest of her life in comfort.

Although she probably isn’t feeling very lucky, she is fortunate that SCARS accepts adopted dogs back into our care for any reason. Her owners could not afford the $6,000 plus in emergency veterinary expenses required to fight for her life so they reached out to SCARS for help. Once a SCARS dogs, always a SCARS dog!

Please keep Sadie in your thoughts. At this point, we don’t yet know what the outcome will be for her, but we would appreciate donations. Every dollar makes a difference. We will post an update soon on her progress. Thank you.