Sena was found with an injury

Dec. 4/17 – Meet Sena (Latin meaning blessed). She was blessed indeed when a kind man found her struggling on the cold ground, barely able to move. Her hind leg was hyperextended and she was unable to bend with the paw nearly touching her cheek. Within a few days at the rescuers home, her leg had straightened a bit and she could touch her foot to the ground. At this point SCARS was called to help. Arriving at the vet clinic, the first thing the vet noted was her tail hanging limp. This suggested a spinal injury.

X-rays showed that Sena had a fractured pelvis due to blunt force trauma. That’s nasty, but it will heal. The biggest concern was her spinal injury. At that point, Sena didn’t have complete control of her hind end or her elimination. The medical advice was to give her pain meds daily and to keep her quiet. Sena’s not thrilled with her quiet, boring, flat surfaced, one level living quarters. No jumping up on things to allow her pelvis to heal.

Her foster home is monitoring Sena closely, and as of yesterday, she was hopeful for the first time that Sena may conquer this injury.

Her leg is a bit floppy yet and her tail hangs down but her pelvis and spine appear to be stronger. She has an appointment with the vet in 10-14 days for a very important assessment when a decision will be made about her chances of being an adoptable cat. Please keep this sweet young cat in your thoughts and as always, donations towards our veterinary bills would be greatly appreciated. You may donate at

Dec. 13 update: Update on Sena, our cat with the spinal cord injury. In all the rush to examine and stabilize the hip and spine, and since the rescuers were calling Sena “she”, we didn’t check the gender. It turns out our girl is a boy!! They are calling him a miracel cat. Even though he still shows some signs of neurological damage, he’s using the litter box with no issues. He’s not impressed with his regime of rest and quiet but it is showing the results we hoped to see. So it’s a couple more weeks of modified activity for our boy Sena. He thinks he may die from boredom in that time. But he’ll have the rest of his life to jump and play.