Smokey (formerly Koi)

Dear SCARS, We adopted Smokey, under the name Koi, in the spring of 2014. When we first met her we had driven to Edmonton from GP with our dog Bandit. Their introduction went poorly, to say the least. Smokey had been found living in a pack in a rural area and was very protective of her foster mom and was fairly aggressive. However, we fell in love with her regardless and were confident a change in environment would help her. Within days, she and Bandit became fast friends. Within months (and many trips to the dog park) her personality shifted from nervous and aggressive to loving, trusting and great with other dogs. It was actually a stranger that planted the seed about her having the perfect disposition to be a therapy dog. Yesterday, we got her certificate! Not only do I want to share our story because of the fact that we want to promote the SCARS organization, but also to encourage people who can train dogs to give a shot to an adoption who may not have the best first impression. You have no idea what you could be missing! — Desiree Menya Deines