Our SNR Program in Action

In early November, SCARS got a bit more than we bargained for while returning eight spayed and neutered pets to a community that benefits from our Spay-Neuter-Return program. During one of the stops, we were invited to visit a home that wanted to surrender some kittens. One request quickly led to another. By the time our volunteers headed home, they had collected three litters of puppies plus 10 unwanted kittens and cats. Fortunately, we were also able to bring the moms of those litters along for the ride so they could be spayed at our partner vet clinic. While at the community, we also delivered insulated pet shelters (our Walls 4 Winter program) to residents whose pets had been altered.

A few road trips had a huge impact. These visits to the community resulted in 36 lives forever changed. When it comes to the reproductive power of unfixed dogs and cats, the math is frightening. No one wants to see starving, freezing, sick and injured animals in their community. Preventing more unwanted litters is a win for the community and for SCARS.

Spay and neuter is the best resource we have in the battle against pet overpopulation. Please support SCARS and please spay and neuter your own pets. It doesn’t matter where you live, every unwanted litter adds to Alberta’s pet overpopulation problem exponentially. This problem is staggering and it is everyone’s responsibility.