Such a tiny guy……..Such a BIG problem. Hi everyone, my name is Stetson and if the saying is true that cats have 9 lives, I can guarantee you I have used up a few of them in my short time in this world. I am just a baby, probably less than 12 weeks old. It is not clear how I was injured, but I was likely grabbed by a larger animal. How I got away is a bit of a mystery, but that was definitely life number 1.

I was on my own for awhile, how a little one like me survived by myself is also a mystery. We will call that life number 2. Eventually I was found crying by a kind stranger who took me to the nearest vet. I had my original assessment and the news wasn’t good. My right front leg had been damaged beyond repair. There was no hope that it could be saved. SCARS was contacted and I am so grateful that they believe we all deserve a second chance, injury or not. I quickly became a member of the SCARs family. I was transferred (thank you to long time SCARS volunteer Myrna for giving me a ride!) to the Westlock Vet clinic for surgery.

The news there was even worse than expected. Infection plus my poor body condition made surgery a risk, and the damage extended into my shoulder blade. It too would have to be amputated. There really was no choice. I had to have the surgery but it was risky due to my condition, size and age. We will call this life number 3.

Luckily I had skilled caregivers. Thank you to the vets and AHT’s who looked after me. My surgery went well and I came through with flying colors. I have a bit of a journey ahead of me as I heal and will need to take things easy for awhile. I will stay at the clinic for the time being for monitoring and then one day move to a foster home. After that I will need to find a family of my own. Don’t worry, I am a survivor and I still have a good 6 lives left to share with you.