Street (formerly Kara)

Hi SCARS! Just a note about Kara, who is now Street. I know it’s only been a week, but she is an amazing puppy. She is pretty much house trained now, but she still has the occasional accident. However, whenever she does, it is always on the training pad. She has learned to sit for things as well. By the end of her second day here, she was playing fetch with a ball, so that is one our things to do. The cats are getting used to her, and no longer run when she comes around. She was just a little more, OK, a lot more, energy than they were used to. One of the cats plays a little bit of chase with her now.

She is still not used to all the noises around here. When we go outside, if a dog in another yard barks, she tends to run back up on the deck and wants to go back inside. She is getting better about that as well. She doesn’t bark outside either.

One of the reasons I was looking for another dog was because I suffer from depression, and my last dog was a big part of my treatment. Street is excelling in this area as well. She is a bit of a cuddle bug, and very quick to give kisses and comfort. I went out a couple of days ago, for the first time since she came home. Apparently, she lay on the floor in the kitchen until I was backing into the driveway, and she met me at the door when I came in.

So, thank you for helping us find each other.