A Tail of Two Kitties (Yoda and Romeo Montague)

We come from different places, with different backgrounds and stories, but we find ourselves at the same place, needing the same surgery and urgently needing SCARS to change our worlds. Both stories are important so we will let seniority guide us and start with Yoda’s story.

Yoda is about 7 years old and has spent his life in an indoor/outdoor setting. He has had a good life, well cared for with warm shelter and always a bowl of food at hand. He is a charming fellow. As can happen to any of us, he took a misstep one day and likely caught his hind leg on something. He could have been climbing while on an adventure or maybe happily hunting mice. He likely jumped and caught his leg. The jolt of the jump dislocated the hip joint in his hind leg. He was brought in for medical care as he was unable to bear weight on his leg. Usually dislocations can be reset, however, this was not the case for Yoda. No amount of effort or manipulation could move the stubborn femur back into the socket. When surgery was not an option for the family, the vet on call asked that Yoda be surrendered. His life was saved (Thanks Dr. Cali Lewis). She then contacted SCARS to see if we could provide Yoda with his surgery and make him a part of the SCARS family. Yoda had a Femoral Head Osteotomy (FHO) surgery which will allow the femur to regenerate its own scar tissue ball joint. Yoda responded very well to his surgery and has already regained use of his leg, able to touch it down and put small amounts of weight on it. He is rehabbing at the clinic as we seek a foster home or a forever home for him.

Now for the youngster. Romeo Montague looks like a Bengal cross. At just 4 months old he was much too young to be out exploring on his own. He lived in a community with free range dogs and you can all imagine the dangers that presents to a small kitten. As fate would have it, he crossed paths with a dog who very nearly ended his life. With a powerful bite# little Romeo’s femur was fractured. How he got away, we do not know, but a passerby found him and scooped him up to safety. His journey to SCARS began as a community volunteer then contacted us to see if we could take him. Foster space for cats is always at a premium, but as is our mission, it is impossible to say no to an injured animal needing our help. We transported him to Westlock Vet Center where the on call vet (Thanks Dr. Cali Lewis) assessed and stabilized him. A different type of injury, needing the same surgery that Yoda had just days before. Romeo will have to be carefully monitored for infection because of the bite wounds, but we are hopeful for his recovery post surgery. Romeo will also rehab with our friends at Westlock Vet Center until SCARS can find foster home space or a forever home.

Two very different stories, both with the same happy ending… A second chance with SCARS … or maybe not a happy ending quite yet, that will come when we see them happily adopted into loving forever homes.