Teenie is very sweet and approximately five years old. She was found by some kind people in a rural community. She was so matted that she was barely able to walk. When her rescuers were finished cutting out the mats, they said there was so much hair it looked like there were two other dogs in the room! Next, they gave her a bath and that’s when they noticed her back legs were not working quite right. The mats may have been stabilizing an old injury to her rear hind leg. Without the mats, she either carries the leg or it flops around. They decided to contact SCARS so Teenie could get the veterinary help she needs.

The initial vet assessment is the fracture is older and very high. They concluded that surgical repair of the leg is not likely to be successful and amputation is another option. The X-rays show the pelvis has been slightly shifted and the patella (knee cap) of her good leg has some swelling (probably from the extra use). The vet feels Teenie must have been hit by something with high impact, thus creating the fracture and pelvic shift.

We have sent her to X-rays to the specialists at Guardian Veterinary Centre so we can get a second opinion before we decide how to proceed. We need to ensure she has no pain, but we would like her to be able to keep the leg if possible. We will keep you posted!

SCARS counts on donations so we can help dogs like Teenie. We are currently VERY low on funds. Please help if you can! We are expecting a large intake of new dogs this week!