Tilly (formerly Julie)

Happy 2017 SCARS! I just wanted to say hello and give you an update on my sweet little Tilly. I adopted Tilly in March 2011 – I can’t believe it’s almost been 6 years. Tilly has been the best friend anyone could ask for – she is my little shadow and we go everywhere together. We have recently moved to Calgary and we are now 2 blocks away from a dog park – Tilly loves that! I wanted to thank you for rescuing my little buddy and for allowing me to share my life with Tilly. She is incredibly sweet and loves her belly rubs. She’s got the funniest personality and is full of sass! She’ll huff and puff when it’s bed time but after a few sighs and puppy-dog eyes, she’ll run into her little kennel for bed. She loves going for walks, even short ones in this cold! Here are a few pictures of Tilly, being silly as per usual. Thanks again for all you do!

Much love, Zonia and Tilly