Trex was abandoned and starving

Shortly before Christmas 2016, and the first day the temperature dropped into a typical freezing Northern Alberta winter, SCARS received a call about an abandoned ‘mean’ dog chained to a door step. The picture enclosed in the text asking for help made our volunteers scramble. Knowing the dog would never survive the night, the 2-hour journey was made immediately. We indeed discovered an emaciated, dehydrated dog, chained to a doorstep, standing in his own filth, without shelter or any protection. With a little coaxing and patience, the poor starving boy safely went in the crate and began his journey with SCARS. At his trip to the vet we discovered he scored a 1 on the body condition evaluation, a 1-9 scale used by vets and enforcement officers to scale the condition of animals brought in from abuse cases. That night the temperatures dropped to -30, the vet assured us he would not have survived the night. The chain was wrapped tightly around his neck and had been there long enough to discolor his fur. Every rib and bone stuck out – you could not only count his vertebrae you could see the formation of them. I have been in rescue many years and I have only once seen a dog in that bad of shape and live.

We had a few weeks of multiple small feedings with digestive formula, as any animal, human or otherwise, that has suffered starvation (especially for as long as Trex did) too much food at once can cause stomach issues, including torsion and blockage. Needless to say, Trex was happy for every kibble he was receiving.

He has now recovered tremendously. In the last weeks, he went from this scrawny ½ form of a dog to a sizable, sturdy boy that parades happily around the yard! He has made many friends. Trex is good with dogs, NOT good with cats, and needs proper introductions to people, but if you bring out a treat you become friends with him pretty quickly. Trex LOVEs vehicle rides and has great house manners other than counter surfing. Trex will be looking for a home with a confident, experienced owner (older children only). Someone willing to continue in helping him overcome his past and help him move ahead and be the good boy he can be.