Good morning SCARS! I figured today was as good as any to send you a Look At Me Now update on Violet. Today is her 1-year anniversary with us. We picked up Violet in Athabasca from Cathy. We had previously inquired about meeting Violet at the beginning of May. With a sudden family death and needing to travel for the funeral, with a heavy heart I contacted Cathy and told her that we were going to have to pass on our meet with her and to let her go to the next family. But the universe must have had a different plan for us because, at the end of May, we got a text from Cathy saying none of her other meets had shown up and that she would like to give us a last chance to make our way out there. I was thrilled! And from the second Cathy opened the door we knew that Violet was meant to be our girl.

She has had an amazing spirit from the second we put her in the car. She knew she had found her forever humans and she felt safe. She very quickly made herself at home when we walked in the door. Claiming her spot on the couch almost instantly. Meeting her new fur friend, our cat Mercedes, went very well. Violet seemed to have no interest in her at all… until she got comfortable at home! Violet can be a little high strung for Mercedes sometimes, she just wants to play play play! But other than that they do fine together now! Her first couple months with us we had about 3 or 4 trips to the vet trying to figure out her stomach issues. At the end, we have figured out that to typical German shepherd fashion, she has a sensitive tummy and will be on a strict diet of gastroenteric food and all natural dog treats.

She loves all her humans unconditionally. She hates to watch her boy leave for school in the morning. When he is out of site, she is not happy! Dad is the big man on campus and she knows what he says goes and she is always checking for approval from him. But her favorite one of all is her mom. I can’t seem to walk into the next room without her checking things out with me, making sure I’m not going too far. We do everything together. From just relaxing on the couchL to walking the town with her best fur friends. Anywhere I go, she HAS to go too. She is at her absolute happiest when she and I are just doing things together, doesn’t matter what it is, as long as she is with mom! She wants to see the world and make new friends everywhere she goes, with her mom by her side of course.

When she first came home, we could tell training was going to be a battle of the minds. She is a very stubborn dog and if she didn’t want to do something, there was just no way! Unless there is food… then we can talk! After the first few days of struggling, she finally realized listening to commands wasn’t as bad as she thought it was. She now sits and waits patiently to be told she can eat her food, walks incredibly on her leash, and goes to her crate willingly at bedtime. She has actually put herself to bed a few times when we stay up too late for her liking. Recall is still sometimes a work in progress for her, because she has this thing called a nose, and when she smells something she likes… she’s gonna keep smelling it until she is satisfied! We are working on it and making small progress. One day at a time.

We recently went on a camping trip, and that was when it became apparent that Violet has not forgotten her past. Although she did enjoy her time out by the river and relaxing around the fire, there were a lot of times that I could see she was stressed and very concerned that we were going to leave her. It was when we were on our way home that she finally relaxed and seemed to have a brand new appreciation for her home and family. It almost seemed like in that moment was when she fully decided that we were her home, and she was perfectly okay with that. She also DOES NOT like the train that goes by our house every day. She howls along with the horn if she is outside when it goes by. The neighbours love to watch her do this.

In the last year, she has gone from a bubbly, happy, energetic ball of caution and concern to a bubbly, happy, confident and content member of our family. And we would sincerely like to thank SCARS for bringing this energetic ray of sunshine into our lives. On our absolute worst days she still manages to make us smile. She was meant for us!

Sincerely, Catherine