Calling all Gamers!

9 Lives Video Game Marathon for Animal Charities

Gaming competitors have until February 17, 2023 to collect pledges using online tools. Then gamers play and stream their favourite video game for 12 or 24 hours February 18/19.

Sign-up and Pledge Collection: December 1 to February 17

Play/Stream: February 18 – 19


Sign up as a participant for your favourite animal rescue and play any video games of your choice for a 12 or 24 hour period while asking donors to support your marathon!

On February 18-19, 2023, Help a Buddy will be hosting a video game marathon fundraiser, aptly called the 9 Lives Video Game Marathon, where registered charity animal welfare groups can join our campaign and recruit dedicated supporters to help them secure funding.

Video gamers may sign up for the event any time from December 1 2022 until February 17, 2023. All video gamers must commit to play video games and stream their gameplay for a minimum of 12 hours starting at 9am-9pm MST on February 18, 2023. Keen gamers can continue the marathon for the full 24 hours, ending their stream at 9am MST on February 19, 2023.

This is a multi-rescue event that brings Alberta’s animal rescue community together over a shared love of animals, one hour, one video game, at a time.

Registered SCARS Gamers

Gamers who sign up for SCARS can contact to have their name and fundraising page link listed here.

Don’t forget to set your team as SCARS!

Sign-up and competition details here

The event is finished.


Dec 01 2022 - Feb 19 2023
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