Walls For Winter

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The Walls for Winter program is where SCARS provides insulated dog houses and straw to families in rural communities that otherwise would not be able to provide warm shelter for their pets. This program includes providing Spay-Neuter-Return of owned pets.

How to help

Become a Builder
Provide Supplies
Deliver Doghouses

Become a Builder

Since January 2015, we have partnered with the Alberta Job Corp. They were looking for a new project for their program and our project fits their needs. We provide the supplies and they provide the talent to build the finished product. They can build up to 10 high-quality pet shelters each week that are fully insulated and provide wind break. Best of all, all the pieces are detachable which makes them convenient to store and transport. We screw the pieces together when we arrive at our destinations.

How to help: We also accept donations of insulated dog houses.

Image of the walls for winter program in progress

Provide supplies for a doghouse

To keep this project going, we need supply donations. The supplies we need include:

  • 1/2 inch and 1/4 inch plywood
  • 1/2 inch treated plywood
  • 2×4 studs
  • 2×4 pressure treated studs
  • insulation (or companies willing to do spray foam insulation)
  • 1 1/4″ screws
  • 1 1/4″ staples for a pneumatic stapler (similar to a brad nailer – it uses compressed air)
  • hinges/hasps
  • “Liquid Rubber” paint

How to help:

  • Donations of gift cards to stores that sell the supplies listed above
  • Looking for a new garden shed? Mention Hole’s Greenhouses when purchasing a shed from Shed Solutions Edmonton and Hole’s will donate $100 to our shelter building program. You can purchase them at the Hole’s Enjoy Centre at 101 Riel Drive in St. Albert or anywhere Shed Solutions’ sheds are sold. When you make your purchase, be sure to mention that you want Hole’s to donate $100 to SCARS!
  • Become a corporate sponsor!
Julie Bayliss gets a hug from Muffin and Lucky, two owned community dogs

Deliver doghouses

We need volunteers to help us deliver the shelters. Once the shelters are constructed or donated they need to be delivered to the home that needs it most. This is a commitment of six plus hours and we especially need people who are available during working hours Monday to Friday.

Become a SCARS volunteer driver

For more information, please contact 780-466-SCAR(7227) or email scars@scarscare.ca.

Watch Terra MacLean talk about the SCARS shelter program during the March 7 edition of the Global TV Edmonton morning news.

Thank you to all of our supporters for helping us make this program successful.

Truck and trailer full of dog houses for the Walls for Winter program