2022 / 2023 Thanks to our Sponsors

Thank-you to our Sponsors who donated money (or equivalent value) to our cause

We are thankful for all the businesses who help us each year in so many ways.

Let us know if we can add your company to this list. We do our best to keep the list current and to include everyone who has donated at least $400. If you feel you have been missed, please contact us scars@scarscare.ca

Instabox Special mention

Through the years, Instabox has been a huge sponsor of SCARS and has contributed large amounts of money, direct sponsorship, and donated physical items ranging from incredible prizes for events to our portable event shelters. We can’t thank them enough for their unwaivering support!

MCSNet Special mention

MCSNet donates our internet connection at the SCARS Morinville Rescue Centre.

SCARS animal support

These organizations help SCARS animals in the following ways:

– Champion Pet Foods has been a longterm supporter donates large quantities of food for our rescue animals.

– Mr. Pet’s and PetSmart help us adopt out our animals and hold them on-site.

– Castle Wolf Creek Building Supplies provides us materials at cost for our Walls for Winter program and for our Morinville Rescue Centre renovations.



$5001 - $6,000

$2001 - $3,000


$400 - $500

Event support