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Loki (formerly Cole)

Hi SCARS! Loki (formerly Cole), our new little mischievous trickster, is settling in nicely with his new big brother, Bravo. He certainly is a fearless little fellow at a mere 17 lbs playing hard with

SCARS is looking for a volunteer Treasurer

The SCARS Board of Directors is looking for someone with accounting experience to fill the Treasurer position. If you are committed to the SCARS mandate, have board experience and/or extensive committee experience, are self-motivated, can


Thank you to Ashley Sloan, a second year journalism student at SAIT in Calgary for creating this great Public Service Announcement about SCARS. As part of the journalism program, she had to create a press


Hi I am Dory, My papa recued me when I was 3 months old,and now we have adventures almost every day and when I have to be a patient girl, papa alwase takes me for

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