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Blu (formerly Rotini)

Hey Scars here is Blu (formerly Rotini) from the pasta bunch. We adopted him last mid December so he's been here almost a year. He fits perfectly in our family. Super energetic, let's us know

Oakley RIP

Our dog, Oakley, crossed over the rainbow bridge earlier this week. We got Oakley from SCARS 13 years ago. He was the gentlest most loving dog. He got along with all creatures big and small.

Luna (formerly Elluna)

Hi SCARS, Owen and I adopted Luna (Elluna) a month ago. Luna is growing up to be an energetic little goof ball. She loves to tug and chew on everything, especially anything that squeaks! She

Kai (formerly Ang)

Hi SCARS. It has been 3 years since we adopted Kai and he has been the most amazing addition to our family! We brought him home when he was only 2 months old, and several

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