December 2021. We were so happy to save 10 lives this week by visiting a rural pound, but many animals still need our help! SCARS goes to rural pounds and selects the pets we are currently able to help. We try to take them all whenever we can, but sometimes we have to choose. Who we leave behind depends on foster home space availability and determining which pets are the most vulnerable. For example, puppies. We always choose puppies first because their immune systems have a tough time fighting diseases. We also look for the sick or injured. They also need to come first. If we have to leave anyone behind, we have to select the strongest ones. But it is heartbreaking to leave anyone behind. And we ALWAYS go back soon until we have helped them all. 🐾 
This last trip, we took a litter of four puppies from a pound, along with six older pets. The puppies came to us just in time. Within an hour of arrival, the poor skinny pups needed to be rushed to veterinary care. They started to vomit and have bloody diarrhea. We were not shocked that they tested positive for the canine parvo virus. We have since brought in three more puppies from this same litter. In total, there are now seven wee babies at the vet.
Please help us make room for other pets that need spots. Every adoption opens up a spot and every new foster home creates a new space for an animal. Please volunteer, adopt or donate towards the care of these innocent animals. They are counting on all of us. – December 10, 2021