Rescue stories

Dumped by the side of the road

*This is why we do what we do!* We got a call on August 10, 2019 about animals being abandoned on the side of the road. They had an angel watching over them as a wonderful person picked them up and contacted SCARS. Immediately SCARS contacted their participating

Dumped by the side of the road2019-08-15T17:36:02-06:00

Kitten in a boat

This is a short story about how we decided to huddle into a boat and start sailing Alberta! Maybe while you are reading this, we will inspire you to want to adopt a travelling kitten!! Some of you may think we are crazy little creatures who decided to

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I am a Guardian, a Protector, a powerful working dog that can deter predators..... but what happens when the Guardian needs help? What happens when the Protector cannot hold himself up on his own leg. What happens when the Powerful is weakened and cannot protect himself, let alone



WARNING: Tear jerker alert. SCARS fam, I'm Marigold. I was found by a SCARS volunteer and brought to the local pound, but no one ever claimed me. Once my hold was up, SCARS took me into care. It was originally thought that I was a senior gal, but


Seventeen cats helped by SCARS

The phrase may be “It’s raining cats and dogs”, but lately it seems like it’s raining cats and kittens at SCARS! Recently SCARS got a call about a home with many cats and the occupants were moving, but the cats and kittens would be staying behind. We didn’t

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I'm Maurice and I was hit by a car. A wonderful lady found me and brought me to the vet where SCARS stepped in. I suffered from a hernia and a very nearly broken hip with other soft tissue damage. I couldn't use either of my back legs


Super Hero Cat needed to be rescued

To the untrained eye, I might appear to be an ordinary kitten but I'm actually a super hero. They call me Bat Girl and you won’t believe what happened to me the other day. I was out performing my duties as a champion of the universe, when suddenly the tables were

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Brownie Needed Leg Surgery

Meet Brownie!  This sweet girl has needed help from SCARS twice recently.  Brownie gave birth to puppies this spring.  Worried that they'd freeze, her family called SCARS to help re-winterize her dog house and get her some quality food to help her with nursing her pups. 

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