Rescue stories

Hedwig was found in a ditch

I’m Hedwig, SCARS’ newest tripod. My rescue story has more questions than answers. For instance : How did I come to be laying in a snowbank? Was there anyone missing me? Was I hit by a car or tossed from a vehicle? How did I survive until a SCARS

Hedwig was found in a ditch 2018-03-18T14:53:18-06:00

Vada and Tully, the Deck Dogs

We are Vada and Tully!! The Deck Dogs!!! In August 2017, when we were still cute wee puppies our owner left home to go to school. We were confined to a crowded deck so that we wouldn’t get pregnant. Guess someone was looking out for us because it would

Vada and Tully, the Deck Dogs 2018-03-18T08:26:25-06:00

Willow and her 9 puppies

Having a good relationship with the residents in our partner communities saves lives. On February 20, a SCARS' community volunteer received a late evening call from a man saying that their dog was having puppies in her doghouse. It was -20! Her blanket and pillow were wet, there were

Willow and her 9 puppies 2018-03-03T10:48:00-07:00

Gypsy and her puppies

Gypsy came to SCARS from a home where she was taken care of and treated well. She showed up there as a stray a while ago. They fed her and she stayed in their house. As it happens, Gyspy became pregnant. When she gave birth, she chose to whelp

Gypsy and her puppies 2018-02-25T14:52:54-07:00

Bella’s Road Trip to Rescue 9 Pets

One of our dedicated volunteers, Bella Dumont, created a presentation about her recent trip to one of the communities we help. Bella has taken on a number of important roles with SCARS. She fosters pets, looks after cat supplies, helps monitor our phone line and picks up donations. She’s

Bella’s Road Trip to Rescue 9 Pets 2018-03-01T19:49:59-07:00

Floyd has a hole in his heart

My name is Floyd. I’m a 4-month old, sweet, lovable boy. I was found as a stray by a kind lady in a rural community. She called SCARS and asked for their help to find me a new home. When SCARS took me for my health check, they found

Floyd has a hole in his heart 2018-03-02T08:05:15-07:00

Phoenix had Canine Parvovirus

Parvo, what a horrible, awful, maddening disease. Speaking for myself, I wouldn't wish Parvo on my worst enemy - not even a dog who stole my food or my most favourite treat. Phoenix here and I am the lone survivor from my litter. Metaphorically I have survived the fire

Phoenix had Canine Parvovirus 2018-02-10T18:29:56-07:00