Rescue stories

Sanctuary Animal Skype (RIP)

From Skype’s foster mom (SCARS President, Sylvia Christiansen): Hello, I am very sad to let you know, Skype, one of the SCARS' sanctuary animals, has passed away from cancer. Several months ago we had removed her spleen which had a large tumor on it. I had hoped that

Sanctuary Animal Skype (RIP)2020-04-01T08:17:01-06:00


When the world seems to be coming to a screaming halt, one thing that doesn’t, is animal rescue. SCARS got the call about a cat that was in a desperate situation. It was evident quite quickly that he needed help, and fast. We could tell by just a


Tiny Martha was all alone

Think of a winters day... a road... a very young, lone puppy... on the side of the road... Then ME! Martha! Thankfully I was taken into SCARS so the story ends well. I ask for nothing but your company and to life your spirits with my really cute

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George is blind

Oh George. On January 25th, 2020 we got a message asking SCARS for help of a dog that wandered onto a deck of an elders care center. The residents were concerned due to George’s eyes and also the weather conditions were cold. He was cold, hungry and thin.

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Vegas needed urgent help

*Emergency with Vegas* We got a call Feb. 21st, 2020 about this poor girl, covered in quills. She is now with our friends at Westlock Veterinary Center getting the treatment she deserves. Huge shout out to the rescue world who gave us the heads up & location of

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Gabby had been snared

Just when you think you are at the end. Just when you think you can't go on. Your Second Chance shines like a beacon of light. A thread (of hope). My life has been a constant fight for survival. Six years on this earth. I have had more

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Jan 24/20....Meet Shady. ⚠️Warning Disturbing Images Ahead⚠️ We got a call about a dog who was injured from a northern Alberta community that we work within. He had run into some bad luck. He had a stick that impaled him. X-rays showed the stick to be two feet



One dedicated rescuer, two days, two dogs, two different areas of the province - eerily similar symptoms.  Here is Blackie's story. Not 24 hours had gone by since Lizzie's diagnosis and passing and the phone rang again. A dog, this time a large male, previously healthy, only 4


Noodle (formerly Earl Grey) and Ginger (formerly Lady Jasmine)

When SCARS took into care two tiny orphan kittens, their rescuers estimated them to be about two weeks old.  They were scruffy, with ungroomed and messy fur, and about the size of large hamsters. Everyone, including the vet, was shocked when upon examination, the kittens' teeth revealed them

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