Rescue stories

Blaine has a heart murmur

My name is Blaine and I have a story to share. I came to SCARS with my brother Major in the middle of October. I was noticeably smaller than him so my foster mom figured I was the runt of the litter. When the rest of my siblings came

Blaine has a heart murmur 2018-01-11T09:19:51-07:00

Rex was emaciated

I'm Rex, I came into SCARS incredibly emaciated. I had almost given up on life. I just curled up in a ball and slept all the time. Of course the only thing that would get my attention was the food that I got in small amounts many times a

Rex was emaciated 2018-01-15T10:39:08-07:00

Calliope was a stray

I ended up with SCARS after a nice lady found me wandering on my own. She took me in and kept me safe until I could move to a foster home. Once at my foster home it was determined that I was in rough shape. I had a tummy

Calliope was a stray 2018-01-06T12:58:56-07:00

Midnight had a serious ear injury

Midnight was brought into SCARS’ care dripping blood from an injured ear. His ear had developed a large hematoma from shaking his head, and blood was splattering everywhere. When that was all cleaned up, the Vets found 3 large lacerations and a smaller one. The bottom one actually had

Midnight had a serious ear injury 2018-01-03T19:25:25-07:00

URGENT placement needed for some MOUSE-BUSTERS

URGENT placement needed for some MOUSE-BUSTERS. See ad below. "Seeking Immediate Employment. Proficient mouse population control skills, willing to work as part of a team and require minimal supervision. Looking for remuneration in form of room and board, temporary placement in an enclosed building (like a barn or shop)

URGENT placement needed for some MOUSE-BUSTERS 2017-12-21T20:03:34-07:00