Rescue stories

Wabasca Dog Roundup

On June 13, SCARS volunteers worked alongside community volunteers and local peace officers to conduct a roundup of unwanted dogs in the Bigstone Cree Nation Reserves that surround the hamlet of Wabasca-Desmarais. Located in the Municipal District of Opportunity No. 17, Wabasca is 330 kilometres north of Edmonton. Over


Teenie is very sweet and approximately five years old. She was found by some kind people in a rural community. She was so matted that she was barely able to walk. When her rescuers were finished cutting out the mats, they said there was so much hair it looked

Sandy’s story

Sandy is a loving and loyal pup who had a really rough start in life. He was kicked off his owner’s property once he wasn’t a little puppy anymore and was lucky to only lose an ear to a gun. Eventually, Sandy made his way to a nice lady


May 27 update – OK, so a video of a dog peeing usually doesn’t make for good viewing. But, it’s me Gilbert… the dog with bladder problems. Look at how much better I’m doing? Foster mom she says this is most I have gone pee by himself by faaaaar!

Rocky was found in a ditch

My name is Rocky. I’m from a rural community with a pet overpopulation problem. I was found in a ditch that was far from any houses. SCARS picked up on May 5/17. I was quite thin and sick so they took me to straight to the vet clinic. I

Lady’s story

Lady is like many dogs in her community. She had a place that she considered to be home and people who would say “Yes, that’s my dog.” Yet there was really no one who took actual responsibility for her. No one made sure that she was fed, sheltered, safe


Get your tissues ready. Daisy’s story is a heartbreaker. I have had a wonderful life. For 11 years I had a family that cared for me, provided me with everything I could need. In the last little while my world has crumbled down around me. One of my loving